Does one need a specific day to act as a platform to show one’s affections to another? Is Valentines Day nothing more than an ambitious marketeer’s dream to emotionally blackmail certain poor sods who can’t get laid on the reg (or indeed are too damn emo to even want to) to pay hyper-inflated prices on stuff like flowers and cards that typical misogynistic types would never dare tread near, lest they are denounced for not being misogynistic enough? Is Father Christmas real? Why doesn’t Batman dance anymore? Despite what the love-haters and the love-lovers may say or think in context of the validity of what-goes-down on the 14th February every year, we firmly believe love is a real emotion (whether it is manipulated by aforementioned marketing types is a different question entirely); it can be expressed in a number of different ways (we acknowledge our love for certain brands of fried chicken, and our love for certain people in our lives, are very distinct from each other and to varying degrees, but nevertheless are very real. Go ahead, laugh if you want. You heartless bastards); and, given the sheer amount of cynicism towards, well, everything that most people we’re aware of experience in their day-to-day lives, love may well just be one of those few things that is still actually worth celebrating anymore. The expressiveness of this emotion is central and – no pun intended, kinda – lays at the very heart of this moving pop masterpiece from Fader-approved Rhye, who by no sheer co-incidence revealed the video to Open to the world on that very day of days. Unfortunately it looks very much as if the risqué promotional video for the track, depicting images of two intermittently-changing individuals getting their love vibe on in, um, a number of ways has since been removed and replaced with this doo-hickey below, possibly owing to it’s overwhelming delivery of….risqué-ness. What hasn’t been lost is the Sade-vocalled Daughter and/or Lucy Rose-composition style of delivery that gives the song a great deal of merit in our eyes, whatever time of year it is. Whether you are a loved-up show-off or a couple-hating singleton, try to set your seasonal prejudices aside and hear this for what this truly is: songwriting magnificence.


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