“I Needed To Know”

It’s Day Two of the Stress Free Killing Moon saga and by God/Toutatis/FTSE 100/Harry Redknapp do we EVER feel good. You know that ever-growing list of wonderful and exciting announcements that we keep threatening/boasting/teasing you lot about? Well, there will be another one next week, believe that (and we mean that in relation to the fabulous news of yesterweek that we will be releasing the next single from that dark-pop juggernaut that is Strangers). All of this has been achieved without the use of Berroca, by the way. Anyway, in contrast to our most recent wave of joyfulness comes the bitter-sweet guitar stylings of possibly one of the youngest group of…males that we’ve ever clapped our eyes on, London-based five-piece Casablanca. Firing out of the interweb like a bullet with a purpose, it seems two recent shows in the capital – namely at the O2 Islington Academy and 93 Feet East in the last few months, clearly when our attention had been focused on Worship – has resulted in quite the industry stir for these chaps. Re-adjusting our earlobes to point in their general direct, I Needed To Know gives us the element of the sombre-regretfulness of The National or KM-champs Belgrade, all bunched up with the powerfully-moving indie-pop chords of Morning Parade. The other comparison we simply must make is to the wedding singer in Old School who somehow manages to drop in the words “fuck” and “fucking” at certain lyrical junctures where, for some reason, we really didn’t expect to hear them. But it does fucking go to show how dropping in certain words at certain points for fucking emphasis purposes can work in one’s fucking favour from time to time. On a serious note, we’re eagerly anticipating announcements of more fucking shows, and fucking advise you to get acquainted with these guys in the fucking meantime.

Casablanca – I Needed To Know

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  1. MidnightinParis

    The National shout is an interesting one – not so sure about the Wedding Singer from Old School… (great film though), actually the vocal weirdly reminds me of the early Coldplay EPs a la ‘Don’t Panic’.

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