Father John Misty
“Hollywood Forever Cemetary Sings”

The music business, at certain junctures, is pretty much exactly like a primary school (or kindergarten to our US readership) playground – the child-like awkwardness of having to stay away from certain groups of people during the point at which one is still critically trying to develop one’s own social skills necessary to survive in that particular environment, coupled with the frequent-to-infrequency of falling out with individuals over nothing more than spilt milk and bruised egos, or indeed just getting caught up in either or both of those occurences when the parties involved have absolutely nothing to do with you, can go some way to describing the parallel that exists between these two planes. Perhaps we never actually left school – it just got bigger, became infested with money, alcohol and adult jealousies, and got given a different name. Quite frankly after the day we’ve had just now, we’re at that point where we’re starting to doubt the worthwhileness of pretty much everything we’re trying to achieve through Project Killing Moon – just as well that we’ve got amazing music, such as that of Father John Misty, to knock some sense straight back into our heads. Our protagonist for today, having previously or otherwise gone by the name of Josh Tillman, has been releasing music in one form or another for the best part of the noughties and is currently ramming things up a gear or three in the run up to releasing Sub Pop-labelled new LP Fear Fun, from which our current Track Of The Day Hollywood Forever Cemetary Sings (rolls straight off the tongue, innit?) has been lifted following online surfacing in mid-January. Singing a song filled with essences of self-doubt and fear of what others may think (so, yeah, pretty relevant to us right now), our heartstrings are receiving a decent tugging in line with this Bright Eyes-esque slice of prime American indie rock, serving as a perfect reminder that this should all be about the actual music and not the school playground that’s formed around it. Someone’s got to help me dig – you’re goddamn right they do.


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