Cult Fever_FI


We seem to be losing our voice, kids. Our mid-to-long term plan of essentially pumping copious amounts of Vitamin C plus Zinc into our person to fight off any would-be viral intruders seems to be failing, by the reason of a bug – some kinda smart bug, perhaps – somehow circumventing our otherwise-impregnable natural defences. It’s like the frigging Maginot Line or sommat. As a result, most of not all of you fortunate enough to get us on the telephone either today (what happened to us having a weekend, bastards?) or for the next couple of days will have to either have to put up with a vocal tone that sits somewhere in between that of Emperor Palpatine and a darlek (although you might be surprised to learn we actually despise Dr. Who) and/or some sharp nasal blasts that represents several futile attempts of ours to try to breathe through our nose. This sonic description couldn’t be further away than that to describe the pleasantry provided by man/lady duo Cultfever via their recently-released album opener track knewyouwell. Two-parts recording studio staff (one being an engineer, the other an intern) and one-part political activist, shortly after meeting for the first time, J. Peter Durniak and Tamara Jafar took the prudent step of moving in with each other and converting the resulting living space into a noise-den through which they deployed the elements that would make up their debut album release at the latter half of last year. As rousing to the soul as it is moving to the feet, , knewyouwell is composite of some of the best musical influences that we can drum up – think Tegan & Sara buddying up with Band Of Horses and going at it tag-team style with Gotye and The Sleepy Jackson; indeed, Tamara’s dulcet vocals has the immediate effect of making us not feel so pissed off about what’s happening to our own.


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