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Tired. Illness setting in. Drank way too may freebie pints of Strongroom’s-own brand larger last night at their super duper mega launch at, well, the Strongroom bar. Well, okay, we drank four pints. We had mini-burgers and fish’n’chips in a glass (that’s how they served it to us. That’s how COOL they are). We could certainly do with a little pickmeup on this bitterly cold February afternoon – and those lovely chaps over at The Sounds Of Sweet Nothing have sorted us right out with just the ticket, in form of a hard-rockin’ and fist-pumpin’ shoegazey number from the latest addition to their ever-growing roster of big-hitters, California X. Having kicked off their year in fine style by virtue of mad props eminating particularly from the NME and The Fly, we were interested to learn that one of the band’s principal members – who goes by the name of Lemmy, which really only serves to increase the clout of coolness the band currently hold with us in general – is still in school. As in school-school we’re assuming, and not the Americanism for post-graduate educational institutions. This is pleasantly surprising in one way – given that Sucker stands pretty sternly with the best of DZ Deathrays, Paws and Little Death (and if you know us at all, you’ll know that we absolutely arse those three bands in particular); and in another, it’s actually completely frustrating that we weren’t this musically-proficient when we were this age – by this sort of time in our young lives, although we looked exceptionally cool playing the drums (so we’ve been told/imagined in our own heads), we could only play two or three steady riffs (although to be fair, one of them was the then-famed “NOFX drumbeat”, which to most kick-pedalers is fucking impossible) and can only wish we were as good as these guys at that stage. However, we can all relax and enjoy ourselves in the knowledge that this bad-boy gets a release proper on 12th March as a double A-side with yet-to-surface track Mummy. In the meantime, get familiar with this.

California X – Sucker

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