“Anything (Star Slinger Remix)”

Before we get stuck into this, we should point out that today’s Track Of The Day was in fact recommended to us little over a week ago by Strangers mainman David Maddox-Jones; now, in the last year or so we’ve known Dave, it has become increasingly more difficult to tell whether he is taking the proverbial mick or not, but regardless of this we can honestly say the guy has put us onto something that our ears have been glued to since said recommendation came our way. Shear-Jashub, from what we can tell, is a one-man outfit and self-proclaimed “alt-rapper”. That is to say, he raps but in a very alternative way. How? By taking some of the best of the recent flood of electronic dream-wave instrumentals, in this case one of former Killing Moon Limited TOTD’er Star Slinger cuts, and putting his own personal rhymes over the top – however straightforward this might sound, we’re not entirely sure many people have attempted this in recent times, or at the very least not to the same sort of standard that we’re looking at here. Also, to our knowledge, that is the first time we have used the word “cuts” in reference to a musical noun, so we can all relish in the glory of the general horizon expansion currently taking place. In the few short months this Q-Tip-ish jam (see, there we go again, going all proper blog-speak) has started to circulate, Mr. “Fuck The Beatles, they’re shit” S-J has followed up proceedings by surfacing entirely his own creations, some of which you can firmly lodge yourself in via the miracle convenience of Soundcloud/Wordpress embedding below. This is one of the most refreshing things we’ve heard so far this year.

Shear-Jashub – Anything (Star Slinger Remix)


Shear-Jashub – Save It

Shear-Jashub – Her and I

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