“Secret Heart”

Feeling noticeably more relaxed on this lazy Saturday evening – this may have something to do with us having been bed-bound in some shape or form for most of the day – at one point you may have found us snoozing, at another intensely watching the first series of Sherlock which our special ladyfriend bought on DVD (with Nandos we might add – and that, ladies and gentleman, is what true love is). We boldly ventured out to our local park in the twilight hours, doubly serving as an opportunity to cruise by the mini-zoo and provide funds to local businesses by purchasing a couple o’ teas and a Kit Kat (which our distro buddies tell us we can now comfortably afford owing to the amount of times Worship have been streamed on Spotify – thanks Spotify) from the make-shift cafe next to the River Brent. Feeling a bit more normal as such, we couldn’t help but venture out on t’internet as we so often do in search of something brand spanking new – somehow arriving at the blog page of one particularly brilliant four-piece by the name of Maker. Harking back to our prior days of being fascinated by sounds and looks alone as opposed to someone or something telling us to like a particular band, we literally know bugger all about these guys, mainly because we only started listening to them about 10 minutes ago. On the topic of sound, we’re talking the best of 80’s guitar stalwarts like The Cure with some Cyndi Lauper Time After Time girl/boy vocal exchange all with a punky twist not too dissimilar from that of Shebang‘s Crash and some Martha Wainwright moments chucked in. If we’re looking for a more modern contemporary for comparison purposes, we might say this has gripped us in the same way Scanners did tow or three years ago. No details on gigs at all, but believe us when we say we’ll find out pronto.

Maker – Secret Heart

TRIPLE THREAT. Also be sure to check out the teaser video below.

Maker – We Got It (All Worked Out)

Maker – Missing


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