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Jack In Water
“Made Of Ghosts”

Good news, everyone: we slept for at least 8 hours straight. An action-packed Saturday, commencing with work of course, leading up to a visit to a fine/interpretive art exhibition in Islington with our special ladyfriend (and by the by, if anyone wants to lend us a couple o’ hundy-thou, there is a rather fetching Damien Hirst piece involving a skull made out of several hundred threads of multi-coloured wool and a beard that we’re quite taken with – apparently, according to the actual people who actually buy this crap, this is very much a bargain. Also, we were smitten by a multifunctional piece that we honestly believed was a metaphorical embodiment for how wasteful society is, but it later turned out this was just a bin), culminating in gore movie marathon-turned-pizza fest led to us dozing off in contentment’s warming glowiness. This is a similar sensation we experience every time we play back the powerfully-moving Made Of Ghosts from Essex five-piece Jack In Water. Now, the recording of this particular track has somewhat of a back story in it’s own right – namely that at some point in 2011, the world-famous Abbey Road Studios launched some kinda competish whereby they invited songwriters to submit their material, and the eventual winner would have a track not just recorded but collaborated upon with their orchestral buddies, including the Crouch End Festival Chorus, the Eric Whitaker Singers and the London Symphony Orchestra – which, we would assume in classical world and beyond, judging from what we’ve seen, is a big deal indeed. The results are simply incredible; not just does this illustrate the band’s ability to pen a timeless, genre-transcending anthem that would match those of Sigur Ros, Antony & The Johnsons and Pengilly’s, but also should stand as a statement to all bands just how much of a difference collaboration, new ideas and alternative tracking techniques can make to the resulting product. Stunning doesn’t really begin to sum this up.

Jack In Water – Made Of Ghosts


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