You’re not letting up on us, are you 2012? You’re like a a child. A newborn, needy, cutesy, attention-seeking child. We can’t really leave you alone for more than a few minutes without something coming up, whether it be resultant of the various nest eggs that we thought earlier on would be a brilliant idea to go about laying all over the shop; keeping up with the many other prior commitments that we had arranged just before the new year; responding to pestery emails from the steadily-increasing amount of people that clearly only talk to us when they want something from us (although we kinda exacerbate the problem by getting all excited when these people in particular do communicate, doing what they ask, then feeling as used up as a next-door fuckjar when we don’t even get a thank you afterwards);  reviving the Christmas feeling for an evening upon receiving the brilliant news (we really don’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks about this, it IS brilliant) that At The Drive In and Refused have both decided to give things another go. As wild as things are starting to get, we’re grateful that there are still new kids on the block that remind us about why we’re undertaking this entire enterprise, which nicely brings us to Midlands sextet VOWS. This is one of those breath-of-fresh-air types that represents a departure away from the buzziness of London, with all it’s seedy deals pertaining to determining exactly how big a band will be before anyone has had a chance to hear a note, and in contrast these guys appear to have the DIY ethic down to the core. This endearing quality, re-inforced by their squeeky-clean guitar tones a la Futures and Francesqa, as well as some Polarsets style cowbell action, only serves to make them seem more impressive, especially given that during the band’s short lifespan they have connected with those buzz-types we’ve already mentioned, for example Various Cruelties and Spector, giving a strong indication that they indeed rule the roost in their locality – and if their live performance is as ambitious as their contemporaries’, not to mention the quality for their promo of Colours below, then we’d surmise it wouldn’t be another year before they’re calling all the shots.


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