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Adventure Galley
“Weekend Lovers”/”Knife In The Sail”

Alright 2012. You need to slow the fuck down, because we are literally just one week into proceedings and you have got us running around like a clown on purpose. In just the past few days gone by we’ve stuck our fingers in so many new proverbial pies that it is quite honestly overwhelming at times, at certain junctures rendering our physical state in a not-too-dissimilar one than that of Jack Nicholson when  he’s all frozen over and mental in the penultimate labyrinth scenes of The Shining (which looks like this, as we know more than a few of youse guys haven’t seen it for some reason we cannot begin to fathom). What an idiot was he. But that may be exactly where we’re headed. Not that we can help it in most regards, being slaves to the groove and all, and least of all due the slew of quite frankly brilliant music that’s already coming through this early into the year. Let’s take Adventure Galley par example. These guys, hailing from Portland, Oregon, have got some history in the form of winning Myspace Records’ Rock The Space competition back in 2010 (alarm bells should already be ringing by now). Suffice to say Myspace let everyone down around this sort of time including themselves and, unfortunately, our American heroes, meaning their MGMT/Arcade Fire mash ups of sounds with Alex Kapranos-style jaggy vocals layered on top have been somewhat delayed in delivery to an expectant audience; until Earmilk stepped into the mix and made three new tracks available for free download, including current double whammy TOTD’s Weekend Lovers and Knife In The Sail (the second of which was released by the band in 2010 as a track appearing on their The Right Place To Be EP). The two share clear consistencies in soundscape along the lines of comparisons mentioned already – the former having a more Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson or possible Gaslight Anthem punk rock feel to it, whereas the latter has moments of The Killers-synth genius littered throughout. Any which way, it really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out exactly how much potential this brilliant outfit have got to offer, and as it’s currently setting the musical bar to reach for in 2012 this early on, other bands may well want to pay attention.

Adventure Galley – Weekend Lovers

Adventure Galley – Knife In The Sail

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