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Introducing: Spring Offensive

Here’s a question aimed at our fellow musical elitist types – at what point does a band stop being ‘new’? As subjective a line of inquisition this may seem, there are several layers of disparagement among different “tribes” of music fan – in brief heirarchical order, starting with the innermost point of new-ness and subsequently radiating outwards (for the sake of arguement, of course), let’s say music industry of varying descriptions are the despicably-named “tastemakers” (bands that form obviously don’t count as being “new” unless anyone of discernable consequence, such as a self-righteous music blog, bestows such nomenclature upon them), then as word of any act in particular permeates upwards and onwards, subsequent tribes then declare said act as new as that word perpetuates. So, logically, until everyone currently in existence and in perpetuity becomes aware of a band for a certain period of time, a band cannot be referred to as new. Let’s take The National as a case study. We won’t lie. We hadn’t really heard of them until High Violet dropped. We hadn’t heard anyone of discernable consequence talking about them prior to that point, certainly. Despite being on their, oh we don’t know, millionth album or something, they were very much touted as a new band relatively speaking, at least in our own mind. So we would surmise “new” is in the eye of the beholder after all, and, more to the point, it’s really only music industry types that actually give a shit about this temporal discovery issue, often forgetting that there is a whole world out there that just want to hear great music, whether it be a hundred or two second old. Spring Offensive might well be the band that give us pause for that particular thought. In fact, they just have. Damn…


That’s right kids. Spring Offensive have been about for a spell. But rather than tryin’ to getta buzz and playing industry nights (we’re guessing, we don’t actually know that for sure. But we’re pretty sure), they spent that time being an actual band. Apparently, you can develop this thing called a “fan base” through other means than securing extensive radio playlisting and major press coverage before anyone has even heard a note whilst developing a newly-formed band, and it seems that is acheived by just playing a shitload of gigs and recording/releasing a shitload of songs for, well, ever. There’s not much money in it, we’re guessing again, but it sure seems like you pick up a hell of a lot of fans. Indeed, last year saw these merry men from Oxford venture on a big ass tour into Germany and maybe a bit of Switzerland, despite being relatively unheard of in their native UK. It went well. So well, in fact, that all the CDs they took along with them to sell at shows in fact sold out a few days into said tour, and perhaps as a testament to the creative thinking at their disposal the band had to figure out a lickety-split way of sorting out more tunes for the kids. It wasn’t all misunderstood artistry for them back in old Blighty though; the band’s Wild Beasts-via-Stornoway style spikey and emotive guitar music has started to pick up a fair amount of Amazing Radio backing, following some BBC Introducing Oxford props shortly before – presumably as a result of having built a concentrated and contented fanbase in their locality.

Spring Offensive – Every Coin

Spring Offensive – I Found Myself Smiling


So, now with all the “right” people looking at these guys, you might well think sommat big is going down, and indeed we have reason to believe that it is. No wasting much time to give January a swift kick in the balls of gigging to wake everyone up, several shows are going on throughout the month (several of which we may well have mentioned already in precluding blog posts to this one), most notably one for folky-pop factory Communion at their monthly clubnight on Sunday 8th January. We’ll be there, no doubt pretending to know way more about this special outfit than we really do, all the while secretly just enjoying the music for it’s own sake.

Spring Offensive – A Stutter & A Start

Spring Offensive – The First Of Many Dreams About Monsters


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