London (and the rest of the UK), it would seem, has got WIND. We won’t even pretend to understand the meteorology mash ups that have gone into producing such an icy-cold and damp-ass blast – and before we start to joke about it, let’s remember that it has in fact killed a dude and screwed up a lot of things for a lot of people today – but we won’t lie either: we were very much concerned that various rapture or Mayan-esque theories predicting the end of the world and inherently the annihilation of mankind may indeed come to pass, albeit several months late and early respectively. Or perchance that is precisely what we just wanted to believe, given that between the hours of 5am and 8.30am, our morning slumber (aka ‘the best kind of sleep’) was interrupted by a spluttering of cigarette ash being blown onto our face, giving us just cause (given the state of gorm that we occupied during that time of day) to believe that our days were about to be numbered via the combination of volcanic ash falling down from the sky and onto our person. Of course, it turned out we had simply left the window open, having fallen unconscious during the wee hours of the morning, and this freakishly fast movement of air had simply blown over an ashtray (well, a novelty coke can-turned-ashtray). However, it wasn’t all bad news. The other big thing we got wind of today was a rather delightful Bristol fivesome by the name of Coasts; delightful both in the sense that we actually don’t know of two many good bands that eminate from Bristol, and then moreover that the demo tunes we had been sent are actually some of the most promising that we’ve heard in a little bit. By heck, we love ambition, and after cruising into the rhythm-centric and cow bell-laden (awwwwwright) vibes of Beathe, it’s pretty obvious that the “a” in Coasts may as well stand for that very word. Elements of Foals, Wu Lyf and Tripwires are emalgumated into as anthemic an indie anthem as you might expect from any of those three. What’s even better news is that they’re touching down for a clubnight with our buddies Club The Mammoth on 26th January at The Queen Of Hoxton for a stint with another one of those bands that makes us feel spesh, namely Spring Offensive. So let’s all get down there and, um, fly away on their particular zephyr. Yeah.

Coasts – Breathe

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