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Happy Hands Club
“I’m Not An Antidote”

Hey hey HEY FUCKIN’ HEY. We’re back! Did you miss us? We missed you! How was your festive break? Ours was boozey (because we drank a lot of booze), lazy (because we did little else other than drink booze) and gluttonous (because we ate loads, alongside drinking booze). A point of contrast between our last post of 2011 and our first post of 2012 is at the former we wanted nothing more than to, well, do nothing; and now we are just raring to go. Big boy shit is going down this year dudes. And by that, we mean similar stuff to what last year entailed, but with a significant increase in output in terms of club nights, single releases, and one or two other things that we’re not allowed to blow the lid on just yet – but of course we will open our big mouths as soon as the proverbial light goes green – all aided by the fact that we have decided to give up booze for at least one month, which, having thought about it just now, might go some way so as to explain why exactly we were spoiling our liver in such an elaborate way for the past week-and-a-bit. Kicking things off in pretty much perfect style for the Killing Moon blog is the wonderfully-lifted-from-NapoleonDynamite-named Happy Hands Club, hailing from the Swedish city of Gothenburg. Necessarily uplifting in this month (we’ve heard January is regarded as the biggest anti-climax in the calender, which might have something to do with everyone being on a mammoth comedown), this ambitious-sounding 7 piece have every reason to feel confident stepping into 2012, bringing with them a ridiculously-sized domestic fanbase as well as a brightly-burning array of tunes that strikes as the ultimate combination between indie funsters of yesteryear Black Kids and rising Norwegian cousins Team Me, as well as bits of Peter Bjorn & John without wanting to overdo it on the whole Scandinavian thing. In lieue of any UK dates being announced (although we’d bet our our fake plastic Christmas tree that Camden Crawl and/or Great Escape appearances will be announced in the next couple o’ months), way back in November 2011 the band decided to release an eponymously titled EP from which current TOTD I’m Not An Antidote is lifted. Press play and feel good about everything.

Happy Hands Club – I’m Not An Antidote


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