Track Of The Christmas: Strangers
“This Year”

Right, that’s it. That’s your lot for this year. We’re officially hibernating from right now. Well, not right now. It being the Christmas holidays and all, and us having worked our butts off right up until, well, now, we thought we’d treat ourselves (and coincidentally, yourselves) to a bit of seasonal cheer(ish) with some musical accompaniment to get in the mood of it all. Oh, what’s this in our never-ending sack of sonic treats? Our buddy boys in Strangers a little over a week ago decided to drop this suitably festive track with a touch of their trademark electro mournfulness as a nostaligic soundtrack to sum up the year. And what a year it has been. Personal highlights include…well, the whole thing of being able to talk about new bands without The Man breathing down our necks every two seconds, and making a shitload of mates along the way. Thanks to the lot of you; whether you bought a record, came to a show, read a blog post or removed us as a friend on facebook due us being social networking whores. Have a great christmas and a most excellent New Year. Seee you in January.


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