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Canon Blue
“Indian Summer (Des Moines) /
“Bows and Arrows (Vegas)”

We’re gearing up for our Christmas shopping trip this weekend. This will take place after our Christmas University-mates drinks, followed by our Christmas Ealing-mates dinner on Saturday. So basically, we’ll have one entire day in which to sleep loads, eat food, then buy shit for people – if we have by some freak chance agreed to do something with one or more of you lot on Sunday, then just forget about it right now. We’ve run out of time. We haven’t even put the tree up yet. Guess what we’ve been doing, other than all the rubbish we’ve been blabbing on about for fuck knows how long? Go on, actually guess. YES – we’ve been trawling the internet for yet MORE new music! Like IT’S OUR JOB or sommat! Does it ever end? Seemingly not for us. Since capping off things on the live front with our charity bash last Wednesday, we’ve mysteriously found our chronic bout of insomnia lifting and finding it much easier to drift off, and combining this in the knowledge that we’ve discovered how to have a good time socially without drinking all the time, our snivelling nasal passages have also decided to clear out. Although having said that, we are likely to take an actual break. Perhaps just before the big day itself. Soundtracking our road to salvation as far as our chosen profession and personal health is concerned is moodily-brilliant Nashville outfit Canon Blue, who, it would seem, are one of those bands that are already all over the shop in their native USA having been blogged to shit for the last several months since releasing their indie-pop masterpiece of an album entitled Rumpringa. Alongside discovering a profound sense of outspokenness for their love of these dudes’ brand of Bjork, Arcade Fire, Beirut and Gotye-emalgumated epicness from these online outlets, our no-stone-unturned approach to researching various posts (well, three) provides more of a solid context, revealing that this lot have hit the road with the likes of Foster The People and The Boxer Rebellion rather recently – and having just googled those two terms in tandem, we’re absolutely sure we didn’t just make that up. So – epic tunes, friends in the right places, hard touring experience…when the hey are they over here? Not before long, we would like to think. In the meantime, you can get in the mood by clapping your ears and/or eyes on double-whammers Indian Summer (Des Moines) and Bows & Arrows (Vegas) below. Why do they have US geographical locations suffixing the song names? No idea. Just listen.

Canon Blue – Indian Summer (Des Moines)


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