Oh SHIT JEEEEAH. Despite how seemingly and permenantly knackered we are, we are still buzzing like a bee from one of the best shows that we’ve promoted, even if we do say so ourselves, and even though it was really a co-promotion with some good chums of ours. All the bands played some of the best live sets that we’ve seen each of them respectively perform, and all in all we raised a decent chunk of dosh for a very worth cause. Oh yessum, Christmas hasn’t felt this Christmassy for us in a long time, both in terms of the friends we had around with us and the spirit that resulted from the collective good vibes. All of this does serve as a reminder of how far things have come for Killing Moon Limited in the last year; today itself has not been any less exceptional in terms of year-on-year contrasts – for example, this time last year, we were professionally screwed; this time this year, said screwers want a certain screwee’s help in more than a few places. Providing a rather great melodic soundtrack to our new-found sense of smugness (we don’t get to do this very often, so allow us) are rising London 4-piece Silvers, specifically the new darlings of a revitalised Brixton music scene. Combining emotive and borderlining on the downright powerful lyrics with an adventurous pop-electro musical landscape – imagine squidging together The Wild Mercury Sound, Alt J, Spring Offensive, Niteflights and I Was A Cub Scout – these dudes have been cruising along quietly for the last year, releasing an eponymously titled EP way back in January, and rounding off things with second extended-player effort Parades, which as per usual we have lifted the self-titled track from to constitute our Track Of The Day. Gigs have come thick and fast over the last month-and-a-bit, December so far having seen the guys play Cargo and Camden Rock. We would infer that that more of the same is set to commence in 2012 – an inference that is as welcome as the news of someone who once fucked you over coming crawling back eventually.

[bandcamp track=1839623369  bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti]

Oh looky, they done gone a Christmas song as well. It’s Not The Christmas Number 1. No, really, it is. That’s what it’s called. This tongue-in-cheeky beaut is currently for sale as a digital download, with proceeds going towards Help For Heroes. So don’t be a dick – buy it.


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