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Lux Lisbon
“Bullingdon Club”

Okay. We’re nearly there. Most of the stuff we’ve had to get on with in the busiest December in our adult memory has actually been and gone. All we want for Christmas is sleep. Not much sleep. Like 4, maybe even 5 hours uninterrupted kip – no late night conference calls to American and/or Japanese dudes, no last-minute runs to the post office (who we’re pretty sure nick half of what we send anyway), no clubnights for a good month…although having said that we are more excited than a dog with two dicks for our first ever Christmas bash with buddies Twisted Licks as a very tidy round up to what has been an incredible year for us, both personally and professionally, and in that way happy as a guy called Larry to be celebrating with our buddies Worship, Blackeye, Belgrade, Pushing Hands, Volunteers and Strangers whilst raising some dollar for a great cause. Also BWWWWWWOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNG. Oh. The submissions gong has been activated. Interrupting our self-congratulatory vibes is certainly a blast from the not-too-distant past in the form of Lux Lisbon – who we’re pretty sure are from London, but then again it has been a full two years since we saw this promising bunch perform at The Underbelly nearly two years ago. Seems they have been using the time gone by since rather productively; simultaneous to writing and recording current TOTD Bullingdon Club (if we’re hearing correctly – and we might not be, seeing as we were raging at the Raw Power Christmas Party and grooving to a decent chunk of rock and metal last night till silly o’clock – this is something to do with having, um, relations with a bull. An ode to episode 1 of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror? Maybe. Just maybe) which to us feels like the resultant concoction constituted by Maccabees, Sound Of Guns-style epicness, and some vocal collision between The Datsuns and Les Incompetents, these dudes have been busy rallying up support ranging from 6music to stalwart blogger types The Devil Has The Best Tuna. Which is nice. What’s nicer is that the track itself is being given away as a free download via Lux‘s bandcamp. So you just be a good little monkey and download that, yeah? Yeah!

[bandcamp track=3575726890  bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti]

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