In case you were wondering – yes we did give ourselves two days away from the bloggington. That Best of 2011/Ones To Watch 2012 (is it “Ones”? Or “One’s”? Have you ever noticed that the word “One” starts to not looks like a real word if you write it over and over again?) was supposed to tide things over so we could go off on our DJ galavantings without too much disruption from this doo-hickey, and boy did that work a treat – speaking off which, we’ve had a million miles of fun over the last 48 hours: Thursday saw us attempting to use an iPhone to play Gaslight Anthem and We Were Promised Jetpacks songs (the relevant barman told us to “stop playing such fucking depressing music” eventually) at The Macbeth for our good friends’ Laissez Faire Club’s Christmas Bash (lotta heat on Escapists A&R/agent dudes, lotta heat), followed by watching Killing Moon’s actual-official-who-can-actually-do-it-properly DJ get professional at The Lexington for Clash’s Christmas Party, which also saw Worship getting a middle aged gentleman in a light blue shirt (who is apparently not related to the band) slowdancing to their grooves (and telling everyone about it in the gents toilets after), followed by Three Trapped Tigers absolutely blowing everybody away with their quite-frankly mentally-brilliant rhythmic electronic mashups. Then we got home and found an email from Glasgow’s Fiction Faction sitting in our 98%-full webmail inbox, thus providing the perfect reason to resume normal blogging shit-chat proceedings. Already a kinda big deal in that northern region of the UK (or Great Britain, depending on what devolution actually means), the band had their first release proper in form of a single on the native 17 Seconds (tut tut tut) Records way back in January, and have since been lapped up by 6music, Radio Scotland, Daily Record, and played some very cool shows with Egyptian Hip Hop at places like the Death Disco and whatnot. Pretty good. Things are now being ramped up a notch or three on dropping a new EP entitled Malenky Lizards back in October, the title track of which our TOTD features, this time with a label called Sareseto Records. Word on the grapevipe is that 2012 is going to be this particular outfit’s year, so to be on the safe side, you all better get into this refreshing mix of The Cure grinding down with The Smiths and The Housemartins right about now.




Fiction Faction – Malenky Lizards

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