“Half Of It”

No point in faking it – it finally happened. We’re ill. Like properly, in all its man-fluey, blocked-nosey, headachey glory. Considering we only woke up a short while ago – or rather we woke up quite some time ago but just flat-out refused to budge for love, money, or indeed writing on the Killing Moon blog – we do look a bit of a state. Now that the first line of defence (Vitamin C supplements) has let us down big time, we’re forced to resort to our reserve back-up plan in order to prevent this ailment currently coursing through our veins from travelling into our chesticular regions and infecting our already-cigarette smoke battered lungs – which of course is also more Vitamin C, but also an interesting concoction we invented last night involving hot water, honey, lime juice (we don’t seem to have lemons due to our weekly intake of gin and tonic) and a bit of paracetemol, which we have duly named “honeymolime”. Or lemsip, whatever. So much like last night’s write up, we’re in search of tunage that helps us feel elated rather than deflated under our current physical state, and where better to discover uplifting music than from Australia, where the sun never stops shining and the party never stops…generally. Power-pop duo YesYou certainly qualify under these criteria, and it seems that we’re not the only ones feeling the upbeatness of their electronically-guided synth-tinted feel-good hit Half Of It. Having sessioned some serious radio play action over a large chunk of this year, comparisons have been made (or rather we are about to make them) to the likes of Passion Pit, MGMT, Naked and Famous, Dom and fellow native down-underers Strange Talk, so we can’t see it being to far down the proverbial line before a certain New York buzzy label/blog picks up on this and starts professing how great these guys are – and who can blame them, because quite frankly with songs as strong as this, quite frankly they are. Its not all radio-friendly bubblegum pop either – the lyrical content being emotive enough in penmanship and surrounding in nature makes it all the more relevant for this time of year when people such as us like to reflect on all that has happened in the last 12 months. No sign of UK dates yet but we’ll certainly be keeping our eyes peeled.


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