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Song Of Return

So that last Track Of The Day actually lasted for about three days huh. You guys pissed? Don’t be pissed. Let us explain. Wednesday was our busiest Club Killing Moon to date – well, maybe our second busiest, we didn’t really do a discernable head count way back when that Strangers single launch took place (we were pissed) – which saw four heavyweight acts take to the stage for several hours of banter, music, filming and trying to stop you boozed up people from knocking over all our groovy filming equipment. Thursday was the long-awaited and highly-anticipated single launch show for our current darlings Worship, who did themselves proud with their most impressive performance to date at St Pancras Old Church (which, for the last time, is NOT the same as the St Pancras NEW Church) alongside Alpines and Deft. It all feels like a very abrupt anti-climax; that moment where yet another good thing has to ultimately come to a sudden end. We’ve not slept properly since Sunday, and despite the mass quantities of vitamin C supplements we’ve been necking back for weeks in preparation of the aforementioned events, and literally just now as we’re beginning to codify our whinings about how poorly we now feel, our nose is getting runny and our throat is getting itchy. Brilliant. Never mind – other than hatching a plan to get a fucking massive bucket of chicken to cheer us up, we also thankfully (and somewhat probably more healthily) have Glasgow’s Song Of Return to help us lift our spirits. Entering from a rather pretty position in most respects as far as any new band is concerned, this fast-rising quintet have already been touted about by the likes of T In The Park and Scottish XFM DJ bloke Jim Gellatly as the next big thing, and, somewhat refreshingly, have not done so just on account of the band being Scottish – Trajectory sounds as if it should have been radio A-list material long before the online press servicing got underway, possessing undertones of U2 plus Sound Of Guns and Morning Parade on the more-newish side of things, and having released their own debut album way back in 2010 we can only imagine the big sounds coming from these dudes can only be matched by their lofty ambitions to eventually rule the world or sommat. Their global invasion force hits London pretty soon with a pretty sweet show at Old Blue Last on Monday 5th December lined up. We can only hope we’re not too ill to go, so by way of emotional blackmail, if we can’t, then you lot definitely have to.

Song Of Return – Trajectory

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