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John J Presley

STRESS. Why is time seemingly never on our side? Don’t we deserve a break? Haven’t we done enough for you people? WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM US? We jest of course. We love you all to death. Also it’s been noted by several people close to us, including ourselves, that we actually operate a lot better generally when we feel completely overburdened. Kicking things off today in the worst possible way by viewing a brief viral clip depicting a seemingly-coked up mum on a train of some sort ranting about how “non-British people” should, um, return to a place called Nigafrica (unfortunately, even as one of these “non-British” people as she puts it (guess the Home Office screwed things up pretty badly on our passport, then. And our birth certificate. And our life), that’s really not going to work for us as we’re kinda busy right now), we then proceeded onto perpetual guestlist drama (the Worship show on Thursday – simple maths, unfortunately, is not on our side), followed by having to cancel plans to go to our buddy’s show in Central London despite having cancelled in a similar fashion for the last four or five times we’ve been fortune enough to be invited along. We’re not rude people. We hate having to break our word. We really wish we would stop making solid plans, forgetting about them, then making additional plans that clash directly with our original plans that we only remember afterwards (of course). Maybe we should actually use a diary once in a while. With our guilt in mind, there couldn’t be a more appropriate Track of our own personal day than this amazing bluesy-rock and roll number called Promises by a pretty strong-looking dude from Birmingham by the name of John J Presley. Obvious relation to the subject matter given our current predicament aside, there is an awful lot going on in this song – we can detect a rather broad range of influences throughout this live demo, including but not limited to Queens Of The Stone Age, Death From Above 1979, The Blood Arm, Kings Of Leon (when they actually made music that mattered), Nick Cave, Ray LaMontagne – yet the composition works so well that we find ourselves playing this on continuous repeat in order to get a steady fix of that distorted bass sound coupled with those raspey vocals. We’ve seen it described as “horror folk”. Pretty good. What’s even better is that John-boy is schlepping it to London in the new year, touching down at The Wheelbarrow on 4th February. So if we make plans to hang with you on that day, please do us a favour and remind us we’re supposed to be there, or even better just meet us there.

John J Presley – Promises (Live Demo)

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