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Young Runaways

Yeah, it’s a late one to kick off the week. SURELY you lot know how it is by now. Being all bona fide and all, we’ve actually managed to screw ourselves via our social-outgoing endeavours (i.e. meeting up with people in the pub and drinking booze at our own expense) because, basically, money is way too tight to mention right now, yet we’re mentioning it anyway. The main reason for this is Royal Mail. Those fuckers charge you  30-50p for just sending a letter. A LETTER, for the love of sweet Jesus-god.  Now, of course, to quite a few people that’s not very much. But take into account the sheer amount of you that got off your derrieres and actually pre-ordered the Worship seven-inch (cheers, by the way, you will not regret it), and you’ll find that cost increases not just with the the weight of the bugger, but the bloody dimensions as well. This, in turn, basically means a square costs more than a rectangle. Outrageous. Far be it from us to throw the proverbial toys out of the pram, whilst economics-driven politics is very much the flavour of the week last decade, we were considering perhaps starting up a little postal racket of our own – as in hiring some peeps, preferably with some motorised form of transport, give em a little bit of walk-around money, make em carry around our shi….BWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNG. Well. It seems the demo-submission gong has received its bi-weekly smackeroo. Enter Young Runaways – an indie-orchestral sextet who may well be from Birmingham, as infered by the there-based Commercially Inviable label (nice) that recently pushed out the bands debut EP by the name of There Is A World Outside, yet we are not privy to this information insofar as the band themselves are concerned, mainly because they haven’t told us yet. They have, however, given us their mobile number, so there is hope yet, and actually having read the relevant email again through tired and dry eyes, they’re from the Midlands – a large and culturally-rich area in its own right, but not really that helpful in tracking these lads and lasses down to a particular conurbation. We’ll have to make do without this key nugget of information, somehow. Culturally-rich might be a good way of going about describing the music itself – a blend of strings, brass and percussion giving flavours to the musical taste of Elbow, Dry The River and Magic Numbers, coupled with empowering lyrical content that’s not a far cry away from that of Let’s Buy Happiness and Spring Offensive. We’re absorbing an element of personal nostalgia at this point in listening, as several tunes from back in the day via now-defunct Cornwall-ish band Locarnos somehow pop into our head. Thought-provoking and full of promise, and there ain’t nothing wrong with that. The live video below is also pretty fucking sweet as well, so be sure to have a goosey. Now back to packing 7″ cardboard wallets…

Young Runaways – Closer


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