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Big Kids
“Good For You/Drum In Your Chest”

That’s it. We’re spent. Partied out. Maximum fun level acheived. We had a pretty sweet ride scaling the mountains of power that are 22 and Arcane Roots yesterday evening; seeing the two performing alongside one another produced a resonating effect that we imagine to be quite similar to that created when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object, as quoted by Perry Farrell, The Joker or any number of others. We also made a mental note of how one or both of these superb acts attracts only the tallest of fans – whilst we consider ourselves to be amongst the lankiest of the gig-going bunch, we surely met our match after spending at least half the time for each respective band’s set staring at the back of some of the finest groomings that we’ve had the fortune to clap our eyeballs onto, which served as a further reminder that we really should get our hair cut soon, mainly as we’re starting to resemble this guy and/or possibly this guy – and having just viewed the content of those two links, perhaps we should hold on to our greasy mop and live the fuckin’ dream instead. Maybe we should grow up. Or, maybe we should just listen to the aptly-named (of course) Big Kids a bit more than we already have. This fast-rising boy/girl duo from Camden have given us good cause for posting our second-ever double whammy Track Of The Day, primarily to illuminate just how genre-expansive these dudes really are. One one hand, you have Good For You; a tune so sonically drenched in Motown elements that you’d think Marvin Gaye had grown tired of the grave, risen on Halloween, bumped into the ghost of Amy Winehouse (presumably over at Pete Doherty‘s gaff according to recent tabloid press), combined souls and churned this baby out. Then, on the other, you’ve got Drum In Your Chest – much more in the vain of hip-pop, along the same cheeky lines as, say, Rizzle Kicks, which might just be the clear demonstration to those music industry big league types of just how commercially successful this lot could be, which of course will be strongly supplemented by the flashmob video for the track that OK GO would probably be a tad envious of, viewable below. Any which way, this contrast is rather rare in this day and age, and goddamn do we love an ambitious new artist. No idea on live dates yet, but it’s GONNA happen…

Big Kids – Good For You


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