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We Humans
“One In A Million”

Hola chicos and chicas. You might or might not have noticed we’ve been a bit quiet over the last three days or thereabouts. We haven’t been sick, nor have we been sulking needlessly about something. Something far more significant. We took one of those darned thingamebobs called a HOLIDAY. Essentially what this means is taking off for somewhere that is preferably neither one’s home nor indeed one’s locality (known colloquially as “getting away from it all”) for a set period, during which one is to have fun and under no circumstances whatsoever is one to undertake activities that bear any sort of resemblance to work. It’s been a difficult concept for us to initially comprehend, but the activity outline did actually mean we were to stay as far away from the Killing Moon blog as both physically and spiritually possible. It was great. Went to the country. Ate food. Drank ale. Walked  paths. With our loved one. We can’t wait to go back. In the meantime, we really should crack on with publicising an alarmingly-increasing amount of musical material sent into the jungle that is our inbox. First up to the plate is this easy-going yet vibrant number from Shropshire’s finest, We Humans. We are admittedly late on this – having received word of this fast-rising four price last month (a surefire testament to exactly how fast time decides to fly when we’re snowed under with other bits and bobs), it seems that they didn’t wait for us to blab on about them, only bloody going and releasing a single in the form of current TOTD One In A Million just yesterday (did we mention we were on holiday?) and double-A sider Axis. How? We don’t know. Perhaps sheer will and determination. Maybe through a slick’n’cool indie label thingy. Perchance with a little energon, and a lot of luck. The point is, you should probably get your mitts on it sooner rather than later, as word of this lots’ take on the likes of Blur, Stone Roses and a teensy bit of Kula Shaker is spreading faster than a bent tabloid journalist can tap your phone up.  A highly-palatable and even more enjoyable return to form for a once-lauded genre that has been labasted in more recent years as carried by a bright new spark of a band, and a sound which we hope to hear much more of in those to come.

We Humans – One In A Million

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