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Broken Hands

Goddamn, what a week. We guess we should apologise to kick things off with on this bit-nippy-yet-still-kinda-warm London Friday night (yes, we are staying in – keep reading to find out why…) for not delivering our regular dosage of sweet new tunes and general good times. We were out partying a bit last night, you see. Worship supported Primal Scream in Brixton. Whatever, like, no big deal. Although it is really mindblowing to look at that having just written it down. Extra party muscle was deliverable by the wonderful news that their ever-imminent single launch party we’re throwing with our friends Popular and Golden Voice (both very, very good people indeed. You should listen to them. They’re trying to help you out) has only gone and sold out. So really we were off pretty much boasting to various peeps on both the various other parties that we’ve just mentioned and our own behalf, when of course we should have been sat at home talking to you lot. Which we’re doing right now. On that note, enter Canterbury’s Broken Hands. They are a band. They play with guitars, bass, (most likely) some drums and from what we can detect from current Track Of The Day Brother, they’re not afraid to session a bit of the keyboard action either. Clever boys. What’s even more clever is how they’ve managed to isolate the very best elements of the likes of Arctic Monkeys and White Denim, somehow make them fit together, and deliver a soundwave that feels rather unique in this day and age – even further pleasing to learn is that these guys run their own gaff in the form of Kent-based clubnight Hoochie Coochie, as well as gearing up to release this bad boy as a single in December, which really isn’t that far . They’re quite a dab hand at the music video lark as well – you may think that the below is just a still image of them sitting on a river decking looking cool and broody, but you’d be quite mistaken. With only a few shows under their belts so far, you can still catch these smarties at Tunbridge Wells’ The Forum on the 16th November (supporting Young Knives) or at the Star of Kings on the 6th December. Did we mention we think they’re clever?


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