“Go Home”

Bit of a silly one yesterday kids. A somewhat complicated start to the Saturday – grand parental inquisitions to kick things off with as to what our precise movements for the weekend were, as a means of formulating a rudimentary plan to celebrate Pater Killing Moon Familias’ 60th birthday. We were originally informed, after yeilding to said inquisition, that a celebration would take place on Sunday. Upon acknowledgement of this plan, we duly embarked on our journey to muck around in Enfield. Mere minutes after entering the Enfield-bit of the north circular, we were contacted by the parental planning committee (i.e. mum), who informed us that they were actually going to head out for a Chinese in about 15 minutes. Not cool, we thunk. We wish we had a copy of today’s stellar TOTD to supplement our new-found sense of urgency to hightail it back across the London inner-orbital, but playing it on repeat whilst we are nursing a considerable hangover (which even the time-tested remedy of a bacon sarnie and a cup of tea has failed to resolve) and sort-of watching a ye olde western movie on Film 4 will have to suffice. BLACKEYE came to our attention following a recommendation from one of our mateys, and following further investigation we genuinely believe this to be one of those artists that is quite clearly destined to be a big deal once the music has properly surfaced – combining the aesthetic and sound gives the resulting culmination of the songwriting brilliance of Foe, the pop sensibilities of Vela and the grit-Brit guitar tones of Republica, plus an edge of punky teenage rebelliousness that no doubt will get the A&R lot very excited indeed. Beyond that, we really know nothing, other than this out-of-the-blue project is fronted by the blonde lady pictured above. It’s literally the music doing all the talking at the moment, and we’re just really enjoying the banter.

BLACKEYE – Go Home (demo)



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