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City Reign
“Making Plans”

We’ve intentionally deprived ourselves of food today. Yep, you read that right. Rather than succumbing to the near-instantaneous ideas and images of anorexia nervosa that you assumers will assume, allow us to explain the logic to our madness – we’re paying for a meal tonight, and therefore do not want to deprive ourselves of any Okawari-goodness that our money can afford, not even a morsel if we can help it, and we’re not going to let any daytime snackery stand in the way between us and our goddamn katsu curry (see, we’ve already decided what we’re having). We did entertain a passing comment today, upon sighting of our not-so-with-it person trying to kid ourselves into thinking a banana was in fact a proper meal and whining about headaches simultaneously, following delivery of the explanation that we just delivered to you, that “this is what all Indians do”. If that is the case, then by gum – Indians, we salute you, and no doubt will see you all down at this particular restaurant in a couple of hours’ time. Jests and high-jinx aside, it’s not very clever to do this, as our aforementioned headache has progressively got worse and our concentrationg is slightly shot to shit. Which is not great, given that we are piling through the sheer amount of submissions this week that have skyrocketed in number, most likely to us openly blabbling/mailing people about our coveted Record Of The Day longlisting thingy. Given our fragile state, we’ve had to dispense with the standard submissions-gong and just roll into the narrative instead. City Reign hail from Manchester and are gearing up to releasing an EP of the name Numbers For Street Names, which they themselves describe as the culmination of 3 years of hard work. They’re not kidding either; the last 18 months alone has seen the band go from garage project (well, not exactly – their first demos were done at London’s Metropolis Studios) to Steve Lamacq’s champions of In The City 2010, receiving big ups from The Independent, and setting up their own label, Car Boot Records, through which they are releasing the aforementioned EP, and otherwise serving to project outwards and upwards their take on some of the great British guitar bands, such as Idlewild, The Departure, Doves and The Smiths. Have a listen to Making Plans below and discover one of the many reasons why you should catch them headlining The Bull & Gate on 19th November.


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