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Electric Guest

We’re feeling a tad remorseful here at Killing Moon’s ivory West London towers. More specifically, remorse with a smidgen of lethargy, much like a big puff of “dunno” personified. But for why, we hear you ponder. Be you ill? Art thou susceptible to the Seasonal Affective Disorder or some made up shit like that? Perchance ye havest the head-mental? No, none of those things dudes. We’ve just had an incredible year. The highest possible highs and the lowest possible lows all crammed in to 12 short months; and we’ve learned much more by doing this than we have in any other role handed down to us in the past. We’ve also somehow managed to make more friends than piss people off during that time, which quite honestly is a first for us. While we no doubt have some exciting bits and pieces coming up very soon, the remorse vibes appear to be stemming from the fact that we definitely don’t want it to all end, which ironically was kick-started today by the news that we will be receiving the Worship vinyls next week. Then comes the release date on 21st November. Then the 1st December sees the boys play a glorious launch show at St. Pancras Old Church. Then, finito. Donezo. END GAME. We imagine this is a sensation not-too-dissimilar from that of sending your kid off to school or university for the first time, if we may be so bold. Well, so long as we’re able to write about bands like Electric Guest, we’ll have something substantial to whittle on about here on our online sanctuary of good-times. Hailing from Los Angeles, this brightly-burning outfit is composite principally of two chaps by the names of Asa Taccone and Matt Compton, who judging by the music they produce are highly likely to be as-cool as their respective names and boyish good-looks lead us to believe. Troubleman is the bridging track of three songs made available back in May via their Bandcamp page, and lasts for a staggering 8 minutes, but filler this ain’t. Imagine a pop take on the more prolific songwritery-types, along the lines of Ed Harcourt or Turin Brakes, perhaps even going as far as latter-day Blur, and you might be imagining something that sounds like this. We absolutely love it.

Electric Guest – Troubleman

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