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The journey of discovering new tunes, so we’ve worked out this weekend just gone by, is not confined to looking ahead for what new sound waves are coming up on the horizon, but also those little gems that we loved so much back in the day but yet somehow got left behind and forgotten about like an abandoned childhood pet. In this instance, late on a Friday evening, beered up to the eyeballs and bag of fried chicken in hand (you really should know how we feel about chicken by now), a song by the name of Don’t Go Outside by a band called The Once Over Twice simply popped back into our heads after a casual day dream of sitting in our friend’s room back in the early noughties while we were still at secondary school, vibing out on At The Drive In‘s In Casino Out and staunchly defending The Vandals purely on the basis that we had discovered them and therefore this commanded respect from our peers – hardly ironic that we find ourselves writing about this on a new music blog. Whilst we are of course somewhat grateful for the reintroduction of a lost treasure into our now/comparitively-turbulent lives, it is not a mistake we care to repeat, especially when it comes to bands like New Cross’ – that’s South London – Dead Red Sun, who quite frankly look as fresh-faced and vibey-outy as we did back in the day (we now have a beard, a flubby-yet-somehow-skinny body, more than a few grey hairs and a chronic smoker’s cough). First appearing out of the nether-regions of t’internet way back in January, these three chaps made available four powerful tracks just over 6 months ago that tore out the essence of progressive guitar music, injected it with the confidence of youth, then stuck it back in to produce a sound that would have the likes of Masks, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Mogwai and And So I Watch You From Afar signing up for some sort of cosmetic makeover of their very own. What’s even better is that this trio of merry men are playing a mini tour of London of sorts starting tomorrow, kicking things off with 93 Feet East on 1st November and winding up at The Comedy on the 30th November. Have a listen/watch below and vibe out for yourselves.

Dead Red Sun – Facility

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