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Introducing…Mode Moderne

Halloween is a strange time of year for us. Simply put, we don’t get it. That is to say, we fundamentally disagree with the notion that anyone above the age of, like, 4, surely by which time they would have had some sort of interaction with the big wide world of commerce and trade (or at least the idea that in most instances, save for begging), should feel entitled to simply bop up to any poor sod and ask for several items of confectionary or whatnot – and if they feel so inclined upon the otherwise fairly standard response of “fuck off and buy your own”, they are actually entitled (according to a fairly frank policeman we consulted on the topic towards the end of last week) to egg, slap, tease or, technically, assault you. In other words, it reads like public muggings as tolarated by society at large; plus some of the bastards, usually in the latter stages of secondary school we can surmise, are dressed really scary and simultanously able to conceal their own identity while they basically loot you, thus circumventing any possible retaliatory action once this madness has subsided and a semblence of normality returns to the mean streets of Ealing. At the same time, we don’t want to be party poopers, even though it is outrageous. Canada’s Mode Moderne seem to have come to terms with the conundrum that currently baffles us – from what we can tell, they like to dress like it’s halloween on the reg. We’d like to assume they do not ask their audiences for money or confectionary at the same time. In line with our ever-growing list of assumptions about this band, we like to think this strong set of principles has only served to increase their fanbase exponentially, ourselves included…

Mode Moderne – Real Goths

So, other than a darkly aesthetic and a tendency to pen songs about goths like to sulk over dancing any day (it is unlikely that truer words were ever spoken), what on earth is the happy-haps with this strong-looking fivesome? We’ll tell ya.  Mode Moderne have been around in form or another since at least 2010 banding about their synth-pop take on the likes of The Cure, Depeche Mode, Gary Numan and Joy Division (according to yours truly), the above track itself first seeing the light of release via a split-EP with another band called Dizzy Eyes back in 2010 via the Lust Neuvo label. People liked it. In fact, lots of people liked it. Even the online world’s big-boys started feeling these guys’ soft take on darkwave, and pretty soon the likes of Pitchfork, This Is Fake DIY and, ultimately, Vancouver indie Light Organ Records, the latter of which decided they liked it so much they wanted to give the track a release proper in the form of a double-A side 7″, the other track in question being Undiscovered Country, a more upbeat, zestier outgoing type in comparison to its sombre-and-very-much-staying-in-tonight older brother. This newer track co-incidentally happens to be the name of one of our favourite Star Trek movies – so as you can imagine, this lot are ticking all the right boxes and are indeed ticking ones outside of those as far as we’re concerned. Got all that? Good. Now listen to the track in question below. It’s not safe for work because the video has lady-lumps rife throughout.


Pretty good right? Yeah, we think so. With it being relatively safe to say that everybody concerned are suitably impressed with what we’ve seen so far, the big and obvious question is when are these dudes going to get their mitts on some of that Canadian Government dollar that they so generously give to their musical exports so that they may resonate their soundwaves further abroad? Well, “soon” is the word on the street, and also this press release. Aside from a string of live shows currently being assembled for the fabulous five which more likely than not will include a date at an as-of-yet-to-be-announced East London-based club venue (just a guess…) due to take place on the other side of the new year, rumour has it that a full length recorded work is also in the mix. So get your eyeliner and black nail varnish out – this is all treat, and absolutely no trick.


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