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Two Jackals
“Here Or There”

A rather exciting week on the horizon coming up chaps and chapettes. Not that we can be too vocal at this point about the specifics therein (although we might well have been to more than a few people over the course of a rather Camden-based weekend), but rather than being one of those damned secret squirrels about it all we promise to open our big mouths as soon as we’re actually “allowed” to. Excitement makes people do silly things occasionally. For us, it meant spending way more cash-money than we had originally planned on over the course of the last 48 hours. There is no such thing as “just one pint”. There is, it turns out, such a thing as a 6 quid pint small glass of imported Belgian beer which is basically like Leffe but just way more expensive (available at all good Belgo bars, in case you were curious, and hey, why not buy two while you’re at it like we did?). As well as learning about these little nuggets of wisdom derived from social ettiquette, we have also learned of Brighton shoegazerisers Two Jackals who have been causing quite the stir hither and thither via the passing-around of their three-track demo a few months back. As residents of our very-most-favourite southern coastal conurbation, this lot are succeeding in building a steadily growing fanbase after being hooked in line/sinker style via the delivery of their minimalisty-catching vibes along the veins of The National mixed with James‘ vocal elements (yes, we are talking about Tim Booth) at a handful of live shows, including an upcoming stint at the buzzy-venue-of-the-locality Green Door Store on 12th November for KM-faves Tyrannosaurus Dead‘s EP launch. No word on a London show as of yet, but we’re sure there very well will be sooner than you can drink a ridiculously-priced continental beer.

Two Jackals – Here Or There

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