“No Ladder”

We’re going to whine about the weather. Again. Why? It’s too cold. TOO FUCKING COLD, says we. Rather conveniently, we’ve discovered that our work efficiency has drastically increased due to our hibernative state that seems to occur every single time the sun goes down these days. You know that feeling of absolute contentment that you have in the first waking moments, when you just know it’s icicle-hanging-from-your-bits freezing outside and suddenly your bed is about a million times more welcoming than it was a mere 8 hours ago, and now the snooze button is pretty much your best friend in the whole world (aka “the best sleep ever”)? Well, that doesn’t go away during the course of the day. You long for it. You NEED it. Still, our rediscovered method of marrying sleepy-comfort with our constant journey of musical discovery is productive nevertheless, and in that way has an awesome soundtrack of its very own – such as those sonic booms provided by the likes of boy/girl combo Coves. Recently spotted partying hard with other recent TOTD’ers Swim Deep at their most-triumphant show at the Camden Barfly (which we still can’t believe we managed to miss), these guys may just well be the right pair to step into the void left by Sleigh Bells since they went all cold-turkey on everyone a little while back; although that being said, this sounds like it could be the Tunng or Viva Voce or [insert name of Full Time Hobby-affiliated act here] to their MIA or Poison The Well. Indeed, things have been stepping up incrementally on the live front for the pair since releasing their eponymous EP back in August of this year – you can catch them at the Hoxton Bar & Kitchen on the 24th October, or, if you’re suffering from the same weather-induced dispositions as we are right now, supporting Milk Maid at the Relentless Garage on 25th November. We will be down to at least one of these for sure.

[bandcamp track=263875228  bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti]

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