Standing On Giants_FI

Standing On Giants
“The Signs”

Is it just us, or has everybody been completely cream-crackered this weekend? Personally, in true Killing Moon style and at least for the sake of whining in our most traditional form, we blame the latent weather changes. It’s like our bodies have been fooled into thinking it is winter, aided in no small part by the pre-emptive festive marketing campaigns various retailers (and pubs, we’re gutted to report) have already rolled out, despite that it is still sort-of warm, intermittently sunny, and very much Autumn; resulting in a myriad feeling in our person that we would think is not too disimilar from living in a cuckoo clock for a bit. Not that this slowed us down at all. A rendevouz with our very best friend in central London resulting in a sweetshop mission evolving into a wandering sesh and, ultimately, randomly bumping into some other good chums and crash landing into a Sam Smiths pub. Wandering about would also seem to be a speciality of South Laaaaaaaaaaaaaandan’s Standing On Giants, judging by the bulk of visualities in the video accompanying their track The Signs, who on the surface could not appear more textbook-indie even if they popped on some circular shades, wore a Union Jack coat and called themselves Champagne Supernova. Then you actually press play on this lovely slice of guitar music glory and all needless prejudices are blown away. Having become veterans of the live circuit themselves following stages shared with Bloc Party, The Holloways and The Crookes, these four chaps have recently started cruising nicely in that all-important blogosphere following the self-release of a promising four track EP, which happens to include this Muscle Club and Kooks-tinged bad boy. A perfect tune to accompany a lazy Sunday afternoon.


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