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Swim Deep
“Santa Maria”

We’ve recently discovered that whiskey and influenza vaccinations don’t mix that well. In regards to the former, we, certainly over the course of the last month, increasingly-frequently have been discovered sipping actual-real-life scotch from a glass with ice in it at an alarming amount of gigs that we’ve found ourselves in attendence thereof – in our defence, last night when we witnessed particular rambunctious performances from our bestest buddy boys [Strangers] partying their very hardest with the 80’s-revivalist-disco-machine that is Ronika at the Lock Tavern last night, everybody seemed to be sessioning the Jamesons (“whiskey is the new dubstep”, we’re pretty sure we arrogantly told at least one member of the company we were keeping that night, at least in our heads). In regards to the latter, since being deemed high-risk enough to warrant one of the NHS’ freebies – which, if things continue the way they due, will probably set us back a few hundy in the not-too-distant future – and subsequently allowing our left arm to be punctured by quite possibly the smallest needle in the world (with the utmost grace we might add – we didn’t even cry this time) left us feeling a tad blue in the face. So, really, one perpetuated the other into a place that we really didn’t want to go; a place we like to call “feelin’ funky town”. In stark contrast to bad combinations, we suspect the sonic booms eminating from casa de Swim Deep would go rather well with pretty much anything – whiskey, flu jabs, good times, bad times; you name it, we’ve probably done it. A four-man outfit pulsating out of Birmingham in perhaps a very similar way that of Wu Lyf gradually permeating out of Manchester, dream pop seems to rank rather highly on their agenda. They take elements of FAMY, Oberhofer, Diamond Rings and Johnny Foreigner, then put the lime in the coconut and mix it all up to come up with musical content that really could not be more simple in composition yet is so uncharacterised by anyone else that, right now, these guys are the only people capable of making it happen. We dare you to press play and not find yourself nodding your head up and down in approval like the Churchill Insurance bulldog.

Swim Deep – Santa Maria

Double prizes yo. It’s your lucky day.

Swim Deep – Isla Vista

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