Kyla La Grange
“Heavy Stone”

Kyla is just great. Owing to the sheer amount of times – this would be our fourth – we’ve posted about this strong-looking nugget of talent from the mean streets of Watford you might well be thinking we’re either having our strings pulled somehow or we’re a tinchy bit obesessed with this fair maiden. Far be it for us to say we’re outside the realm of the influences of others, but quite frankly if great new music is indeed our mission statement, then Kyla La Grange‘s new Amazing Radio-dominating and fashion magazine shoot-inspiring (complete with new side-boob action shots) new single Heavy Stone certainly qualifies once more for the coveted Track Of The Day title. Following on very much in the same vein from where previous effort Been Better left off; a slightly less vitriolic number and perhaps a tad more remorseful in terms of lyrical content, Kyla and co convey the song’s sentiment of being a burden to those around oneself by emotively pondering whilst wearing face paint around a big-ass swimming pool and, ultimately, jumping in said pool with what appears to be a sizable rock, most likely igneous in nature rather than sedimentary (so you can’t have a go at us for not undertaking wikipaedia-based research). What’s even better is that Kyla and co are celebrating this, their second Chess Club Records release, via her biggest headline show to date at the Hoxton Bar & Kitchen on 13th October. Which is tomorrow. Get down on it.


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