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The Circus Sands
“Awake All Summer”

The time has come for colds and overcoats, or so said a guy called Jesse from a band called Brand New on one of a number of standout tracks from their critically-acclaimed sophomore album Deja Entendu. This lyric rings particularly true on today of all days, whereby the temperature has seemingly dropped from unbelievably hot to fuckin’ freezing in the space of literally a day (we do have a similar problem when operating the shower) and we’ve been sat next to an increasingly-frustrated NHS administrator who has been offering flu immunisations to a lot of old people who simply don’t want them (“because it’ll definitely give me the flu, and I might not get it at all if I don’t have the jab”, one of them said). Suffice to say, the summer is very much over. Like we always say, we’re knackered, and actually welcome the hibernation months where we may be permitted to commence “wintering”, which is Killing Moon-speak for eating an awful lot of food, and sleeping lots more. Still it has been a blast – far from boring, at the very least – and this wonderful slice of indie rock and roll from Reading’s The Circus Sands. Kicking things off with a Rebellion (Lies)-esque intro a la Arcade Fire, which we like to refer to as the classic-buildy-uppy-vibes in the most technical sense, influences for this lot seem to take root from the likes of Pixies and Pavement, with a smidgen of Dom‘s style of fun times layered on top, particularly on the vocal front. You can catch these guys at a stonker of a London show when our friends over at Club. The. Mammoth put them on like King Kong at the Old Blue Last on 14th October, performing alongside our previous TOTD- inter-continental championship belt holders Parties. A great tune to end a great summer (and, co-incidentally, a fantastic year in the lives of us. So long 26. It’s been emotional), itself receiving a release on the 31st of this month.

The Circus Sands – Awake All Summer

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