“Hide Yourself”

We’ve got an overwhelming empathy with the seeming-vast majority of our chums that this weekend has been purely for chilling out purposes. Summer is done kids. Party’s over. You should not have spent your last £80 in the entire world at Reading/Leeds/Bestival on booze, a burger and ciggies, because you really need that right now for a bucket of chicken to accompany the only task that your now-frazzled little mind is truly capable of in your current state of dishevvelment, which is watching telly (we’re currently kicking back with a pot of tea, chicken, and watching Andre The Giant in The Princess Bride. And doing this, obviously). Permenantly ones to go against the tide of vibe-change, we were actually out DJing till the break of dawn (well, 1am) at Concrete in Shoreditch, so as you can imagine we’re doubly grateful to be beached, as it were. Soundtracking this newly rediscovered idea of “we don’t actually have to do a fucking thing we don’t want to today” and/or “just be content with where you are and whoever you’re there with” is the quite frankly stunning track from London’s Tracey Duodo and Tom Barber, collectively referred to as 14th. Part of the same management family as Pete Lawrie and Feeder, word of these dudes’ musical culmination of subtle modern R’n’B with passively-inducing D’n’B (so R’n’B’n’D’n’B then) is spreading fast and we’re now a teensy bit obsessed with them. Heartbreaking lyric-centric vocals remind us strongly of KM-favourite Bebe Black but there is a clear influence from the early-to-mid 90’s dance outfits along the lines of Massive Attack, with a visual embodiment that is reminiscent to us of one of our other favourite acts Beau & The Arrows. A real treat to tuck into on a lazy Sunday afternoon. This little beauty is free to download here, ahead of its release proper on 14th November.

14th – Hide Yourself

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