“Toby’s Hill”

You wanna know what really winds us up? No? Well, seeing as you’re already here, we’ll tell you anyway. Rude motherfuckers. People with this inane sense of proprietorship over everything musical. People who actually think bully-boy tactics and/or sending the same email into our lovely inbox are going to make us a bit more inclined to want to help them out. That being said, we’re very happy to help people out. It’s what we do. Although we try to stay focussed, objective, and not prejudice a promising new band on the basis of whoever is working them being deliberately obtuse, being the aforementioned section of the human anatomy certainly doesn’t help proceedings, and definitely won’t make us inclined to “sort you out” any quicker than is actually possible; to those people, we will leave it to them to work out why exactly that is, if that’s even possible. We’re not your mums, we can’t tell you what to do. We can, however, completely ignore you. Dealing with massive C-words is something that Professor Penguin-buddies, Pengilly’s, may know a thang or two about judging by the premise of their Lord Of The Flies-style video for sensational track Toby’s Hill (before you start, we’re not referring to these guys via the above text. They actually seem quite nice, at least the person we’ve been talking to is). A cinematographic work of art in itself, the video depicts the journey of a group of kids and/or young adults and the inevitable rebellion against the totalitarianistic rule of some rude dude who waves a book, carries a big knife and seems to shout a lot at everybody – which sounds incredibly familiar. Eventually, he gets his hand done in by a little lady with loads of arms, which doesn’t sound so familiar. Musically inriguing as they are visually pleasing, the sound being reminiscent of buzz boys Wu Lyf mixed with experi-mentalist James Blake and sonic pioneers Three Trapped Tigers; except these guys seem as if they’re very much wearing their hearts on their sleeves, hiding in plain sight. One of the many reasons we like them a lot.


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