Track Of The Day : Shona Foster ‘Love And War’

Sometimes in life things just nicely fall into your hands without having to do much. As if planets align just for a moment and everything seems to go your way….well, I can’t say this has happened too much recently, but today seemed like one of the good ones. The sun was shining, I got a seat on the train and I also found a couple of quid on the floor. Now some people may just put this down to luck, some may say karma (which I feel we are certainly due a repayment of soon!) but I feel these things were in some way meant to happen today and just make everything else seem that little bit better. Our following TOTD was a little bit like this. Whilst working hard supporting Ach with the label and million other bits and pieces that go into making Killing Moon awesome, I was also asked to do some radio plugging, pretty much out of the blue. This in itself is quite cool, and I was happy to take the challenge. Although the challenge didn’t seem too hard when I was given a record by Shona Foster. The track goes by the name of ‘Love and War’, and it’s really quite brilliant, so I feel it is certainly very worthy of being our Track Of The Day. Scottish-born, Yorkshire-bred and Brighton based, Shona has approached the development and writing of this track like a mini movie landscape that would sit quite nicely in Tim Burton film. Dark, mysterious and just a little bit spooky. The song starts with a dry progressive drum roll, almost like that before being lead to the gallows. This is slowly layered with an almost Adams Family style bass/guitar riff (I promise this is better than it may sound!) followed with the introduction of piano and Shona’s soft and alluring voice. She seems to draw you in as though you are about to be told an old tale or ghost story. Drawing you in closer and closer before smacking you in the face with massive chorus. Cue distorted guitars, whirly keys and drum fills galore. What I like so much about this song is the unpredictable structure of the songwriting and arrangement. Really interesting and exciting rhythms and textures. Shona’s voice is also pretty unparalleled. Certain quirks of Regina Spektor mixed with the power and range of Florence Welch. Although I feel she could easily hold her own up and above both. I feel I might be getting a little bit serious with this lengthy and wordy Guardian style review, but take it from us, Shona Foster is one to watch, and certainly one I’m happy that fell into my hands. Take a listen to ‘Love And War’ below then hot foot it over to her website and take a listen to how diverse her songwriting really is. You can check this lovely lady out live at the Lexington on 3rd October.


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