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Black Hay
“I Feel Something”

Shit….it’s Friday. That’ll be another week done then. Not quite sure where it went, but I suppose time flies when you’re having fun. Although a bit mental, a tad stressful and possibly slightly more turbulent than fun at times, we’ve survived and risen to every challenge. We are spinning many plates at the moment but are often relieved and happy to sit back and write about music that we’re not working on. Seriously. Just sit back and listen with no agenda but to enjoy and spread the good word. I Feel Something by Black Hay has made the grade, cut the mustard and has helped us end this working week on good note. A true throw back to the likes of Tom Waits, Bob Dylan and the god father of them all, Johnny Cash. With songwriting akin to Cash’s Personal Jesus and the same dark and melancholic drive of Josh Homme, Black Hay delivers an authentic homage to classic rock and blues. Everything about this track feels right. From the raw production of the guitar and drums to vocal tone and the gritty lyrics, “Make me earn my grin, I wanna run my wicked tongue along every inch of your petal skin”. Americana is something we’ve always embraced her in the UK. We can see this by the endless amounts of State Side inspired folk around at the moment, but perhaps its time to stop being so soft with it all. Peel back the banjos and fiddles and take a listen to London’s very own Black Hay. A heavily inspired yet authentic track that makes me want to pour a whiskey and smoke a Marlboro red.  It’s a refreshing musical end to the week and one that will be receiving some substantial spins on the Killing Moon playlist.

Black Hay ‘I Feel Something’

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  1. Gideon K

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks so much for digging our song. I wrote and sang that one and feel very proud and elated that my intentions came across on the track. You’ve summed up my feelings on most British folk and Americana – just plain wimpy. All beard and no sex.

    However, like all the influences of ours that you spotted, we try and take care to do things right.

    Currently mastering a number of tracks recorded this summer, so if you like what you hear then stay tuned. Plenty more juicy, meaty goodness to come.

    All the best and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    Gideon K, on behalf of Black Hay.

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