Keaton Henson
“You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are”

If, like most people on this planet, you have ever been young, the chances are at some point in your short existence you have found something, or rather someone, that you can truly connect with. Someone who understands everything you are, everything you believe in. That person, or yourself, might take that drastic step of falling in love with the other person. We can tell you now, kids, being young and also in love is an absolute fucking bastard in terms of working out one’s own actions and thoughts for the duration. The fact is, people get scared when they let someone in that close to them. They’re terrified of what someone might do to them, or indeed what they might do to themselves, lest they render themselves completely vulnerable to those who know them so well that they certainly know how to hurt them, and themselves in the process. Essentially, we’re talking about being young, in love, and trust – three things that we’re sure as shit that Keaton Henson might know a few bits and bobs about after unleashing our very relevant Track Of The Day You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are on an unsuspecting BBC Radio 1 last night, levelling everybody in the studio (according to Mr. Zane’s twitter feed) and from what we can tell pretty much everyone else who was tuned in at the time. Keaton has successfully managed to reduce the complex human condition comprised of those elements mentioned above into little over 4 minutes of pure and powerfully moving music, restoring the art to an extent a lot of people once held dear. There is no need to give a list of influences or other artists we feel this sounds like – suffice to say, you just need to hear it, and then go and buy it when it’s released next month. A song for everyone this may be; however, for us, we’re left thinking of just one person, even after having this on repeat for the last 24 hours, and unfortunately for you lot, this one is just for them.


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