This week and weekend has been the most intense rollercoaster ride we’ve had in our nearly-27-year old memory. Actually, it’s been more like a ghost ride. We bloody hate ghost rides. Too many things to think about. Too many scary-ass robot ghoul thingies popping out of seemingly-nowhere scaring the fuck out of us and only serving to magnify our anxiety. Too much pressure to look as if we’re not terrified as to what might lay ahead. At least with rollercoasters, you can (usually) see exactly what kind of a mess you’re about to get yourself into, and the point at which you realise you were a total idiotic boob for embarking on such a ridiculous journey in the first place occurs to you much sooner. Burning brightly as things may be, we’ve decided to give ourselves a bit of a break hither and thither. Helping us out on our chill-out vibes are Liverpudlians Bird with their soothing little number Phantom. These chaps are very much on a rollercoaster ride of their very own. With early support from our bestest buddy boys at Amazing Radio providing the ideal conduit for this sonic brand of dark folk-pop influenced by the likes of Scanners and/or Grass House and some nice words being said about their hometown shows on the interwebfacebookcloudtube, word on the street is that these guys are headed for the capital to mow down The Bowery on the 10th of this very month. Do it. We’re planning to.

Bird – Phantoms

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