“Sun In The Winter”

Well, that’s nearly it kids. The sun’s buggered off. It’s game over. We hate to tell you this, but cold, dark times lay ahead. Time to invest in a thicker flannel shirt, or perchance you might wanna dig out that wooly-striped jumper that has been molested and/or eaten by several moths that you allowed into your bedroom by leaving the window gaping open for a solid three month period, the frame of which has become so weathered by the continuous cyclic bombardment of rain, mist and fantastically-hot sun rays followed by a fuckin’ freezing temperature drop, that the window frame has deformed out of shape and is now impossible to shut (we’re assuming this is the case for pretty much everybody, both clothes-wise and bedroom window-wise). Self-described and self-releasing avant-pop duo Trwbador (which, again entirely based on our arrogant assumptions, we take to mean the Welsh for “troubadour”, mainly because it looks a bit similar) may well have provided the perfect soundtracking for this meteorological transitional period, in the form of Sun In The Winter, the title track from their second EP of the same name. Dark and haunting female vocals tell a story that metaphorically, or even literally for all we know, maps the above subject matter over a sonic background that quite frankly renders the whole thing a bit spooky, much as if you were Red Riding Hood lost in the woods with some massive fuck-off wolf trying to kill you and/or love you up. With influences ranging from Viva Voce and Joanna Newsom to Bjork and Warpaint (also reminescent of our buddy-boys in Malpas), support has already been racking up nicely for these two new kids on the block from BBC Radio 1, 6 Music, and, of course, our chums over at Amazing Radio. So it’s gotta be good, right? Wrong. It’s bloody brilliant. Plus, those who suffer from S.A.D. (who, let’s face it, is everybody who feels a little bit emo in the autumn and winter months) may just have found their entrance music.

Trwbador – Sun In The Winter

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