There was once an omnipetent character from Star Trek: The Next Generation by the name of “Q”. He once said (somewhat aptly in the last episode of this particular franchise) the profound proverb “all good things must come to an end”. We are pretty sure that someone a bit more culturally-relevant came up with this one-liner first – although having just googled this, answers apparently range from Geoffrey Chaucer to Nelly Furtado – but in any event this phrase holds weight and gravity with us today, upon receiving some unwelcome and very much unexpected news. However, in a staunch rebuttal to this notion is a new-ish project from former Red Light Company man Shawn Day, who is currently tearing up airwaves and subsequently through the blogosphere with his LA-based outfit Greenhorse. Gearing up to the October 2011 release of their debut EP entitled Happiness, of which our present Track Of The Day is the title track (we think). Describing themselves as post-pop (we we take to mean something that happens after pop), this forward-thinking group have produced a sound as unusual as it is accessible – leading on from where great acts such as Health, Dom, Three Trapped Tigers and MGMT probably left off. A real pleasure to hear these kinds of soundwaves indeed, and one that we hope to hear much more of in the not-to-distant future.

Greenhorse – Happiness

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