We actively tried to NOT go to Reading Festival this year. Setting aside the fact we have been going for the last 11 consecutive years to a festival commonly associated with GCSE and/or A-Level finishers (boy oh boy did we rinse those first three four sessions), like most 20-somethings-going-prematurely-grey in this Sugar-certified tough economic climate, money is far too tight to mention. Also, we fundamentally disagree with the idea that this particular brand of event has had its ticket prices skyrocket since we first started attending, despite record-high levels of sponsorship and money changing hands (yeah, we know, band fees have increased. Maybe stop booking bands who charge an arm and a leg for a show that, quite frankly, has been rinsed during their own shelf-life? We dunno…). However, when one of our music manager mateys turned around and said, “wanna come?”, we gave it the proverbial thumbs-up like the dude who so aptly described PG Tips as two-thumbs fresh. So yeah, look the hell out, we’re comin’ for ya. Moving swiftly away from this notion of nostalgic restrospectiveness – that is to say, out with the old, in with the new – Brighton’s Curxes (pronounced “Curses”, which is the cool way of using the letter “x”) have been throwing some serious shapes our way with their new noise in the form of Creatures. Kicking off proceedings with a monster-sounding/pounding drum beat, ethereal and haunting vocals creep in like a deadly wasp through the office window. This is a serious and deadly combination of Depeche style synths (a firm nod to our boys in the band [Strangers] on the more-recent end of the scale) with the freshest crop of ambient duos to step in to the light, along the lines of Paper Crows and Alpines. Buzzy momentum is building nicely for these dudes, with confirmed shows at Southsea Festival next month (also featuring our other boys in the other band Worship), followed by a London stint at The Bowery on 30th October. We’ll be down for em, be sure of that.

Curxes – Creatures

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