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Daniel Gouk
“The Girl In A White Dress”

If we were being totally honest (and it looks very much like we’re going to be right now), the song that has prominently stuck in our fragile little mind for the past 5 working days has been WombatsMoving To New York. Fact is, this week has been pretty crazy. You know those films with lawyers (usually Tom Cruise and/or Matthew McConaughey) where they fly around from one part of the world to the other, tapping on their smartphones whilst queuing up at passport control (although we’re pretty sure they didn’t get told off by a 60-something balded customs officer for typing an email), and soon as they’re out of the shop they’re straight into busy-business-type-meeting-thingies? Well, that was very much us, with the exceptions that (A) we are not A-list celebs and (B) there is no such thing as business-class on Ryan Air, although they do have Priority Boarding. With all the caffiene-fulled excitements and goings-on for the remainder of this week, mainly starring meetings, planes, trains and automobiles, and despite the amount of adrenaline-inducing blog repertoire we’re currently sitting on, we’re more than happy to take things down a notch or two and are actively trying to relax. Helping us along the way is Northern Ireland’s Daniel Gouk, and a pretty little ditty in the form of The Girl In A White Dress. One part City & Colour, two parts Damien Rice, a teensy-weensy part of everyone’s-favourite-flame-haired-hero-of-the-mo Ed Sheeran and lyrically challenging enough to give those Mumford boys something to think about, we can’t wait to get our chillax on as soundtracked by this immensely moving piece of art. Having dropped jaws in London already with a show at The Half Moon (who we adore, for obvious reasons), Helen’s Bay’s finest steps in for round two at Proud Galleries on 24th August. Get some.

Daniel Gouk – The Girl In A White Dress

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