Kurt Vile
“Baby’s Arms”

Sometimes when sitting down to write a track of the day there is an element of pressure to be the first to post a certain song and retain an element of kudos about being on something first. Now normally I think we hold a pretty good track record of this, and in my own way I’ll take kudos for the fact we heard this song quite a while ago, but today’s artist and track is a little different. Although recognised and pretty successful state side and out an about on the blogosphere, crucially none of that matter. The fact is, ‘Baby’s Arms’ by Kurt Vile flipping great song and a very worthy Track Of The Day. Kurt hails from Philadelphia and embodies all the greatest abilities of the classic American songwriters. Think Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Joni Mitchel with a little bit of London in the form of The Kinks. Not to say that Kurt isn’t incredibly current and relevant because he certainly is. Using this inspiration and tweaking it with Korgs, loops, samples and effects, he very much a modern day songwriter. ‘Baby’s Arms’ is a testament to this. Classic songwriting infused with flowing loops, clicks and beautiful beeps (if a beep can be beautiful its in this song) With the perfect counterpart video (which was all filmed on a camera phone!) from acclaimed fashion photographer and director Todd CoIe, you have near enough the perfect package. I’ll leave you with the video and song below to enjoy, but also how Kurt describes his music, as I really couldn’t say it any better. “It’s like when u wake from a long and glorious slumber, then u realize u don’t have to go to work, then u fall back into long and glorious slumber.” Perfect.


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