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Introducing…We Barbarians

we barbariansApparently parts of our society aren’t just broken, but sick, according to PM Cam’. This is not cool. Not even in the ghetto slag translation of ‘siiiick’. Its just sad and bad times. We at Killing Moon though are forever optimistic. Primarily because it’s a necessity when running your own music company, but also because our eyes and ears show us great things happening through music each and every day. This in itself is brilliant and why there are so many of us wanting to work in this bonkers industry. Music is amazing and pretty much the one things that can unify people anywhere, whatever your age, colour, class or religion. (You can take that for future speeches Dave) I’m not saying every band we write about is going to save the world. Possibly far from it! But it’s our little part of bringing people together to talk about something cool. Music. And the following band we want to introduce to you are no exception; We Barbarians. Now the name may not follow on from my previous statements, although I can ensure you they are not barbarians but jolly talented chaps who are creating some seriously awesome music.

We Barbarians – Headspace

Hailing from Long Beach California, but now residing in Brooklyn, New York, David Quon, Derek Van Heule and Nathan Warkentin make up this stellar trio. Forming after the break up their former band ‘The Colour’, we are certainly the winners out of this unfortunate split! So what are they like? Well, pretty special. Guitar riffs reminiscent of early Kings Of Leon with vocals that equal that of We Are Scientists. In our book that is a pretty good recipe for something special, and so far what is circling the intranet is just that. Take a watch and listen to ‘There’s This There’s That’ from the same name debut album released in 2009, which apparently got a pretty sweet synch on Vampire Diaries…..I think its like the OC……but with Vampires.


So, as for the future. Well, it looks pretty bright in the words of one particular phone company. They’ve been touring across America for the past year with the likes of Passion Pit, Local Natives and Cold War Kids and are currently on the road with the equally brilliant Foster The People. After a successful appearance at SXSW it is likely we’ll be seeing these boys making the leap across the pond and playing a few shows in the UK pretty soon….we hope. But in the meantime, how about you stay in, forget about the rioting and join us in listening to the other great offerings on Soundcloud from We Barbarians.

We Barbarians – Headspace EP

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