Competish: Win Two Guestlist Places To Standon Calling 2011

Pssssst. You. Yeah, you, indie kid. How many festivals ya been to this year so far? The national average for the late teens to mid 30’s? Three or four? Shit man, that’s heavy, you must be pretty cool. Well, you know what else would be cool? How’s about we send you to one of the best platforms for breaking new talent on the festival scene since…the last best platform for breaking new talent? You’d like that, huh? Well, the line up to this year’s Standon Calling: Gods & Monsters does boast a ridiculous amount of bands we both like and/or love, including KM-approvees Tripwires, Beans On Toast, Various Cruelties, Three Trapped Tigers, Sound Of Rum, (the mighty, mighty) Battles, and, to top off everything (and should we grant you this opportunity you have to see them or face the heavily-tattood consequences. Just kidding….sort of), our very own golden boys in the band Worship will be rockin’ the good shit at this very event…

Want in? Sure you do. We’ve got TWO whole guestlist places to give away (that’s a plus one, in industry speak) to this years event taking place in Hertfordshire this weekend, courtesy of those beautiful people over at Wonderland Management. Simply email with the subject header “I like to rock the party”, with your name and answer to the following question:

Andrew WK is a pretty cool guy. But when he likes to party, will he party:

A. Hard

B. Gently like a bending reed in the wind

C. He won’t party at all. Instead he’ll go around acting like a massive wanker, smashing up people’s homes and businesses, stealing whatever he wants from whoever he can, and all the while justifying it to himself by claiming it’s all because “nobody gives him bare respect”.

Please note you’ll be added to the Killing Moon mailing list upon entering this competition (which is obviously a GREAT thing). Also please note that the answer is A.

Best of luckies, you plucky duckies.

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