Channel Cairo

Channel Cairo
“Elephant Room”

Today has been all about promoters and venues taking us on the proverbial ride. While we’re hardly veterans of the time-honoured “game” of pushing gigs onto the kids, despite having done it for up to 10 years or so in a number of different shapes and forms, we occasionally feel the need to whine – as we do with a lot of things – when we feel put out by the complete lack of consideration for punters by an over-ambitious promoter who feels they can take the piss out of everybody concerned and still make a packet out of them. We put on one of our very first show when we were in our very first band called Running With Scissors when we were still in secondary school (that’s high school to our American readership) at a crappy pub-behind-a-train station in Hounslow called The Rifleman, which in recent years we understand has been turned into a Thai restaurant and a bit of the back of a Marks & Spencers. Despite having zero live promotional experience or indeed any discernable overviews about the music industry at large (in all honesty, that only clicked about 6 months ago), we did understand the basic needs of the attending audience – firstly, that they were poor and thus could probably not afford to spend that much money getting in; and secondly, they would probably want to get home (or at least out of that shithole) at, oh we dunno, no later than 11pm. Setting aside the fact that on this occassion we pretty much ended up just playing to the support band, we still honestly believe those ideals should be applied and adhered to today. Yet they’re not. Perhaps this is why clubs, gigs, tours and festivals are suffering financially, mainly due to the powers that be being so used to taking the piss. Anyway, as we commit the ultimate sin in form of a massive non-sequitur, save only for that this band’s music soothes us to the point that we’re not nearly as wound up as we usually are when going off on such tangents, we should stress that Channel Cairo, to our very best knowledge, have not to date made people pay through the nose to see them live at several shows that have taken place in London throughout the year so far, and (probably) haven’t made them wait till the break of dawn to see them on a stage. Instead, they’ve been busying themselves writing such eerily-emotive piano-tinted music that if most of the newer bands we’ve come across this year were to grace their facebook page, they may well give it the “well jeal” line. Sure there’s Rufus Wainwright here, and probably a bit of Ben Folds, but it all seems to be wrapped in something rather unique that makes it undeniably touching. Elephant Room is being released by our good buddies Laissez Faire Club on the 29th August, so do yourself a solid and grab a copy. Listen to the single and b-side below.

Channel CairoElephant Room

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